Monday, August 22, 2011

Make Up For Ever Pro Road Show BABY!

It has been a while since I traveled by myself. When I learned about that the Make Up For Ever PRO Road show will be held in San Francisco, I didn't think of it much since knew in the back of my head that I really didn't have the guts to travel alone. But really, how can I resist? 9 Complimentary Education Sessions with top Make up Artists and Industry Experts, backstage card discount on most their products and to top it off, 50% off on their most iconic products. I JUST HAD TO GO.

Getting there was no problem. Thanks to my brother who paid for my first class upgrade. Other than shorter lines for baggage checkin and security, the only main difference between coach and first class was: free alcohol. 3 Vodka Sprites later, I was feeling a bit more...normal.

Anyway, back to the road show. I was too excited and wanted to make sure I had a good seat so I was at the hotel by 9am, even if doors didn't open until 10am and classes didn't start until 10.30am. I was one of the first people there, which was a good thing since the line got crazy long at around 9.45am.

Here's a quick round-up of events:

Day 1:
HD for All by David Hernandez
HD Rules:
1. No Glitter
2. No Shimmer
3. Have different brushes for HD. (The teeny-tiny glitter in your brush will get transfered to your model and will be seen in HD)
4. When applying red lipstick, it should be 6x softer.
5. Don't use blues and greens too much. If you need to, be gentle.
6. Place lipgloss lightly and strategically.

Marketing your Career by Michael DeVellis

3 Questions you need to ask yourself before using a photo for your portfolio:
1. Am I proud of this photo?
2. Am I doing this type of work currently? (If you're doing bridal, don't show photos of bodypainting)
3. Would I hire myself by just looking at this photo?

Doing your business card?
Make sure you have the 4 most important things on there:
1. Your Name (well, of course)
2. Contact Number
3. Website
4. Email Address

Creating Beauty by Patrick Eichler
Tips and tricks:
- Mascara first!
- For better results, use a flat eyeliner brush rather than a mascara wand.
- For softer eyes, mix a black and brown liner. Fierce yet classy!

Easy but very Victoria's Secret-ish look.

Final look

I didn't let myself leave the show (not even for lunch!) because I was afraid to miss anything. I did, however, spend one whole break (~1.5 hours) just in line to purchase some of their iconic products (A girl has to have her priorities). I got 2 Dany pouches, an Aqua black, and a Smoky lash. (Hey, hey, it was 50% off, can you blame me?) I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything else for the rest of the show. Was I able to resist the temptation? I'll let you guys know tomorrow. :)


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