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My Top 10 picks from Napoleon Perdis

Quick background on Mr. NP:
Napoleon Perdis created a line of cosmetic products which he sold through his own concept store in the trendy Sydney suburb of Paddington in 1995 and later through major department stores. When the company celebrated 10 years in the industry (in 2005) his name was firmly established; by 2007 the "empire" operated 59 concept stores across Australia and New Zealand and sold its cosmetics from a total of 800 locations.

He worked as a make-up artist for brides on weekends and in 1992 opened his own make-up studio in a small shop in Ultimo, New South Wales. In 1993, he won a make-up competition at a beauty expo with a look that was inspired by Cher. He won a trip to Los Angeles, where he met Cher's make-up artist and agreed to become the Australian distributor for his 'Taut' make-up products. Napoleon sold the make-up to brides and through his Ultimo studio and hair salons. He sold the business when he launched his own make-up products under the successive names, The Look, then The Look by Napoleon, followed with Napoleon and finally to its current Napoleon Perdis name from 1994.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoleon_Perdis

As promised, here are my top 10 picks from the master himself, Napoleon Perdis.

1. Marshmallow Foam Cleanser 

Described as gentle enough for all skin types, this foaming makeup remover will lift off every look pronto! A blast of this skin - friendly foam will soothe and remove all traces of makeup and impurities without stripping the skin’s delicate acid mantle. Thanks to Marshmallow Extract and Allantoin, your skin is left feeling comfortably clean and soft. Hard working humectants hydrate even the weariest of complexions. Self activating – no water necessary – rinse or tissue off. Just press, pump, and you're ready to go!

How I use it:
Skin Prep – Generally, I’ll do a first pass with makeup remover wipes to do a quick cleanse, then follow up with the NP Marshmallow Cleanser to make sure my subjects skin is fresh and clean. 

Cleaning – At wrap, most models would want their makeup removed. This cleanser works phenomenally. I go through the usual cleaning regimen, cleaning them as thoroughly as possible, and leave this as the pièce de résistance. I keep this cleanser chilled and use it as my finale. It refreshes their skin and removes any unseen makeup residue (And trust me, you think you’ve got it all off? NOPE! Not until you use this cleanser!)

2. Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum
Described as a high-tech serum that hydrates the complexion, improves skin elasticity, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The cocktail of potent ingredients includes a blend of tri-peptides and active sugar molecules derived from plants. Skin looks smoother, brighter and more supple. The serum is free of parabens and synthetic dyes. Napoleon Complex has a botanical origin that is mild on the skin and suitable for all skin types.

How I use it:
Skin Prep - Make sure client's face is clean. Add moisturizer then this magical serum. This feels amazing and smells so fresh. Your clients will feel instantly pampered!

3 and 4. Foundation Stick and Auto Pilot Face Primer
Foundation Stick is described as a “Skintelligent coverage”. This double beauty duty base provides minimum to maximum coverage and is also the perfect concealer. Sets to a matte finish.

Auto Pilot Skin Primer is described as scientifically formulated to allow your makeup to “automatically” glide over the skin, Auto Pilot helps to prime and soothe the complexion for that flawless finish and helps makeup last even longer. Chamomile, Yarrow extract and Vitamin E deliver complexion perfection and instant hydration for all skin types. Get (even more) gorgeous with this gentle, pre-makeup base. 
How I use it:
When I first saw the foundation stick, I thought I would never be able to use it. It is really thick and it seems too heavy for any look that I was trying to achieve. Then came the Auto Pilot Primer. They are the like Batman & Robin of NP products. Both works great separately but works amazingly when put together.

I would usually rub the foundation stick on the back of my hand (to warm it up). Get enough for your foundation. Depending on how heavy or light I want my look to be, I would mix the Auto Pilot Primer. And VOILA! You now have an amazing coverage! 

Note: I tried to use a spatula before to get some of the stick on my hand and mixed it with the primer. It didn't work for me as it was one solid piece. 

5. Contour Brush Sable 16b
Described as recommended for blending eye shadow and setting concealer and foundation around the eye area with powder. Made from the softest natural hair, this brush enables you to blend eye shadow without adding or taking away too much color

How I use it:
This is a brush that I cannot live without. You can do an entire makeup look with this brush! My favorite way use for it? Contouring the nose. It seems impossible to make a contouring mistake with this brush! Ever!
(Yep, this is me with my heavily contoured nose -- playing with my beloved 16b)

6. Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation

Described as "Love is in the airbrush" Beauty in a flash? Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation makes the concept a reality. In just a few seconds, our aerosol foundation evens out skin tone, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and creates a flawless finish that lasts all day. The resulting look is equivalent to professional air-brush makeup. Natural fruit extracts Acai and Acerola help to revitalize your complexion, while high-tech peptides aid in diminishing wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types.

How I use it:
Cover up tattoos - As a makeup artist, people will always ask you to cover up tattoos for special occasions. Find the perfect shade, spray on and watch the tattoo slowly disappear. 

Male grooming - Male talent generally don't like a lot of makeup packed on. Sitting in the makeup chair for anything past 10 minutes seems like a sentence in purgatory. Solution? Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation. Trust me, they will be done in 5 minutes or less, and look great.

7 & 8. Mosaic Bronzing Powder & Mosaic Gleamer
Described as a bewitching beauty powder adds a magical alchemy to your skin to conjure sexy allure.

Mosaic Bronzing Powder
Step 1: Grab sexy, soft puff and press into Mosaic Bronzing Powder.
Step 2: Pat on nose, cheeks and forehead to create a sun-kissed look or pat anywhere you dare to bare!
Alternatively use Napoleon Perdis Bronzing Brush for a sensuous sweep of color.

Mosaic Gleamer
Want that perfect glowing skin without the sparkle? Then dab or brush on Mosaic Gleamer and let the 5 shades of pale gold, bronze, peach, sand & pastel pink give you movie star skin.

How I use it:
Bronzing Powder - Contour Baby! Contour! This powder works for any shade. Under the cheeks, temples, along the hairline, and bridge of nose.

Gleamer - Highlights. Above cheekbones, top of forehead, around lips, middle of nose, & cupids bow.

9 & 10. Chocolate Ganache and Blushing Bride Color Discs
Described as a pigment-rich, head-turning eyeshadow. The stellar formula goes on smooth, is easy to blend and lasts for the ultimate color surge. Available in sparkle, shimmer, matte or metallic finishes. Color Discs are paraben-free.

Napoleon Perdis' color discs are amazing. I am inlove with this product but if I HAD to choose only 2 shades I would choose these two.

How I use it:
Chocholate Ganache - OMG! I don't think I can ever live without this color. This has saved me millions of times when I can't seem to find the right color to blend -- USE CHOCOLATE GANACHE then BAM! You're good to go. This color blends with everything, may it be nude, smoky or bright.

Blushing Bride - This really adds the blush to a bride. This makes a person go from ehhh to oooh! I mostly use this as a highlighter on cheeks but I also use this on the lids, or under brows. 

There you go! 10 items from Napoleon Perdis I know I can't live without. 

Where to buy: ULTABeauty.comNapoleonPerdis.com 

PS. I have yet to try their new Rock On Advanced Mineral Foundation. When I do, don't worry, I'll post a review on it. :)

Let me know what you guys think!


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